Our Story

The Beginning

CarsEnth story starts with a pure automotive passion that is being expressed through art. While visiting car meetings and hanging out with other automotive enthusiasts, CarsEnth founder Aljaz wanted to show his passion towards certain make and model (Volvo V70R - boxy but fast) that he really appreciates.

Ever since he was a young boy he was crazy about cars, he was collecting car models and drawing his favorite cars. So he decided to create his unique T-Shirt with a picture of his favourite car and wear it to a car meeting.

The response was unexpected! Not only that people were asking where did he get that cool looking T-Shirt... other people that shared the same passion towards this particular vehicle model engaged in the conversation.

CarsEnth - Founder Aljaz with Automotive T-Shirt Art on Car Meeting

CarsEnth Founder Aljaz wearing V70R T-Shirt on a car meet.

From T-Shirts To Canvas

From this point on the idea was clear. Create a brand that would offer high quality automotive apparel and automotive art through which automotive passion could be expressed and shared amongst car enthusiasts (therefore CarsEnth name). Started as a passion project from home in 2017, CarsEnth now grows in popularity among automotive enthusiasts. In addition to our apparel, we are now offering premium quality Canvas Art. We wanted to do something special with Canvas art, we wanted to take our offer to the next level. First we recreated all of our graphics that are now full of high quality details but we still wanted to go a step further!

Our next step is really something special. Remember playing Need For Speed and modify-ing your car? What if you could modify your ride on a Canvas?

CarsEnth - Volvo V70R Canvas Art on Wall - Flash Green Atacama

2004 Volvo V70R AWD - Flash Green Atacama on canvas.

Customize Our Artwork To Match Your Car

We know that every true automotive enthusiast will not be satisfied with a generic car graphic hanging on his wall. If you are really passionate about your car, then you know how much you appreciate that set of rare wheels you roll, that aggressive stanced look of lowering your car, dual sport exhaust and a carbon fiber bumper extension. That’s something that gives your car a personality, something that makes it unique and makes you look back every time as you are walking away from your car. Maybe you don’t have it yet, but you know that you recall the exact image on the screen of your mind if you just close your eyes and think about your dream car.

Now you can look at this automotive masterpiece that you have created on a premium high quality Canvas wall art inside your living room or your office. You can customize your CarsEnth Canvas to match your car and show your pride and joy as an art display.

Volvo 850 R T-5R yellow t-gul Cars Enth Canvas T-Shirt Art

Our high quality vector graphics can be customized to match your car. An example shown on this beautiful red Volvo 850R. 601 Classic Red color, 17 inch Volans, e-code lights and black interior. But there are much more options that you can choose from.

Our Team

We are a team of three automotive enthusiasts, artists, programmers, creative thinkers and perfectionists. We want to make sure that even the smallest details of our graphics and our products are done to perfection. Our mission is to share automotive passion amongst other automotive enthusiasts through our automotive art.

You know that feeling of excitement and appreciation that you have when you finally get a car you always wanted? You could just look at it for hours and hours, it’s perfect from every angle. A true piece of automotive art. We want you to relive that same feeling inside your house every time that you can stop for a few seconds and look at our Canvas Art with your favourite car.

CarsEnth - Team Collage

We love all kinds of cars from old rust buckets to modern performance cars. The tastes are different but the passion is the same.

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