About Us

Our Story

CarsEnth story starts with a pure automotive passion that is being expressed through art. While visiting car meetings and hanging out with other automotive enthusiasts Aljaz (CarsEnth founder) wanted to show his passion towards certain make and model that he really appreciates.

Ever since he was a young boy he was crazy about cars, he was collecting car models and drawing his favorite cars. So he decided to create his unique T-Shirt with a picture of his favourite car and wear it to the meeting.

The response was unexpected! Not only that people were asking where did he get that cool looking T-Shirt... other people that shared the same passion towards this particular vehicle model engaged in the conversation.

From this point on the idea was clear. Create a brand that would offer high quality automotive apparel. Started as a passion project from home in 2017, CarsEnth now grows in popularity among automotive enthusiasts. In addition to our apparel, we are now offering premium quality Canvas Art. And with Canvas we wanted to do something special, we wanted to take our offer to the next level. Because we know that every true automotive enthusiast is the most passionate about his own car, we offered customization option. Now you can customize your Canvas to match your car and decorate your garage and your living room with a Premium Quality Canvas print of your pride and joy.

The Quality

Our designs are created by Automotive Enthusiasts for Automotive Enthusiasts. Our Apparel and Canvas are not by any means associated with official merchandise from these brands.

Our Apparel and Canvas is made in USA and we strive to keep our quality high. We use American made T-Shirts, Hoodies and Canvas as our base.

Each canvas is handmade & inspected by our experts. Your art is 100% safeguarded against dust, scratches and UV rays which means your canvas won’t fade over time and will last generations. Your canvas comes on Deluxe 1.5 inch thick gallery wrap frame - the champion of wall decor that will give your artwork an extra pop.

Can't Find Your Car?

Being deeply connected to the local Volvo community we of course started there. Our plan is to add other makes and models to share our automotive art trough different automotive communities.

If you are an automotive enthusiast who would like to have his favorite car on his T-Shirt, Hoodie or Canvas... don't hesitate and drop us a line. Let us know what is your favorite car and we might add it in our store.

Our email is: info@carsenth.com

CarsEnth - Share your automotive passion

Your CarsEnth Team!